Real Relationships in a World of Isolation

"This by far is the most practical, practical book I have ever read actually implementing a strategy and structure to make it happen!" -Dan Kimball, They Like Jesus But Not the Church

It seems to me that God is all about relationships. So much so that he broke into our world to let us get to know him. Jonathan has come up with the ultimate book on relationships. This maybe the most important topic he has written on. How do you connect with the diversity of students where you live? How do you get them to connect with each other? How do you get them to connect with God? Jonathan gives practical answers to these questions and more. The book is filled with helpful stories of real kids and genuine youth workers. It is an easy to follow book with realistic steps you can take your youth ministry to the next level. I think chapter fourteen alone maybe worth the price of the book because it reveals how little we know about our students. Jonathan then offers a series of questions to remedy the situation. I have seen Jonathan do this with my University students in my classes and have watched the light go on above their heads. They suddenly get it and their ministries are transformed.
Les Christie Chair, Youth Ministry Department, William Jessup University Author of When Church Kids Go Bad

"As youth culture continues to change at breakneck speed, I meet a growing number of youth workers and parents who feel more and more out of touch and intimidated by kids. Let's face it, taking that first step to build a relationship with a kid is intimidating. I'm grateful for Jonathan McKee and his ability to show us how to get past our fears to connect with relationships that are real and deep. Connect is a valuable and encouraging tool that not only helps us take that crucial first step, but helps us to keep walking further and further so that we might lead kids deeper and deeper into the faith."
Dr. Walt Mueller Center for Parent/Youth Understanding Author of Youth Culture 101

This is the way to "do" all youth ministry. In a very succinct manner you have positioned the book to help lead people to a deeper understanding of the difference between a programmatical approach and a relational ministry with teenagers. As a Young Life guy, you have more accurately and articulately described our ministry better than some of our own training materials. I applaud your push to get people out of the youth room and into the world of teenagers! This book helps all of us continue on the quest to value and actually implement a more Jesus style of ministry with young people today...thank you!
Dan Jessup Young Life Director of Leadership Development Africa, Asia and Latin America

Time is our most precious resource, and choosing to invest it into another person's life in a one-on-one relationship is always costly. But done correctly, it's always worth it. Now, thanks to Jonathan's latest work, youth workers will gain a biblical understanding of the value of one-on-one ministry, be equipped with practical tools to help them forge one-on-one relationships with students, and glean insights that will allow them to train their adult volunteers to do the same. Transformational ministry will follow those who prescribe to the precepts found within this book.
David R. Smith The Source for Youth Ministry

This is what healthy youth ministry is all about. Jonathan McKee has developed a great paradigm for reaching students and moving them toward becoming life-long disciples.
Jim Burns, PhD President, HomeWord Author of Confident Parenting, The Purity Code, and Creating An Intimate Marriage

Connect is on point! Once you read it you'll be encouraged to continue the journey of loving kids in an isolated world. Jonathan has captured a timely truth on these pages that the Church is desperately in need of today.
Fred Lynch, founder of GodStyle Productions, author of The Script

There are a lot of books out there which talk about the importance of relationships in regards to youth community, discipleship and evangelism. This by far is the most practical, practical book I have ever read that actually moves the discussion further to actually implementing a strategy and structure to make it happen."
Dan Kimball, author They Like Jesus But Not The Church

In a youth ministry world full of "the next new thing," it's easy to get side-tracked from Jesus' Great Commandment and Great Commission. Jonathan McKee calls us back to these core essentials in Connect, providing a practical, powerful, hands-on strategy for connecting with teens one-on-one. By purposefully pursuing deeper spiritual conversations, Jonathan shows us how loving students and sharing the message of the gospel will unleash God's transforming power and change lives forever. Connect challenges us to honestly assess where our teens are spiritually and provides the focus, insight and practical tips we need to significantly impact the life of every teen we encounter.
Greg Stier President, Dare 2 Share Ministries Author of Venti Jesus Please, and Dare 2 Share: A Field Guide to Sharing Your Faith

Connect needs to be in the hands of everyone--paid or unpaid--who works with kids for the cause of Christ. It is so easy to read and so full of practical tips and stories that it succeeds in becoming the kind of rare book that both inspires and instructs, a stand alone coaching resource I urge our YFC family to use with all of our adult volunteers. By drilling deeply into one of youth ministry's most significant pressure points I hope that Jonathan will lead readers to "tap out" and surrender to the challenge of making one-on-one relationships with every type of young person their priority.
Dr. Dave Rahn Youth for Christ/USA Chief Ministry Officer and Huntington University Director of MA in Youth Ministry Leadership

Don't just get together with students... get connected!

Get the practical tools needed to help you engage students in meaningful, one-on-one dialogue to impact their lives beyond the youth room and into adulthood.

In an age where teenagers are deeply engaged in virtual communities and social networks, they're still feeling alone and isolated. It may sound all too simple, but the truth is that you have the opportunity to make a profound impact on the lives of students with the simple act of spending time with them, one-on-one.

Whether you're a volunteer or the lead youth pastor, getting some students to open up and share their lives can be a challenge. In this practical book you'll learn the importance of connecting with students on an individual basis and get helpful ideas on how to engage a variety of students in meaningful dialogue. You'll explore and learn more about connecting with six different types of students, including:
- The "No Way" Kid
- The "Not Interested" Kid
- The "Checking Things Out Kid"
- The "Stagnant" Kid
- The "Growing" Kid
- The "Looking for Ministry" Kid

Connect will walk you through the steps to lead you into relationships with students that go beyond the youth room and impact them into adulthood.