Do They Run When They See You Coming?

Reaching Out to Unchurched Teenagers

"Jonathan has not given us another theory on evangelism, but a handbook for decisive, Christ-driven engagement with those we seek to reach." -Chap Clark Professor, Youth, Family and Culture, Fuller Theololgical Seminary

Jonathan McKee's heart for those who are not yet Christians is contagious on every page. He has put together a very practical book to help us be more effective in evangelizing this generation. Everyone should read this book once a year.
Jim Burns, Ph.D. President, YouthBuilders

What does it mean to "reach out to unchurched teenagers"? What does it look like? How do you plan for it, teach to it, and strategize it? That's what Jonathan McKee has given us in this honest, important book. Do They Run is grounded in scripture, solid in theology, and clear in application. I am grateful for this not only as a professor in youth, family and culture, but also as an active youth worker who still weeps for those kids who do not know how deeply God cares for them. Jonathan has not given us another theory on evangelism, but a handbook for decisive, Christ-driven engagement with those we seek to reach. I know that this book will help you, because it has helped me.
Chap Clark Professor, Youth, Family and Culture, Fuller Theololgical Seminary

I loved this book! It made my heart for students beat even faster. Even if you think you're already reaching unchurched students, this book will lift your vision even higher. Jonathan goes beyond vision to offer practical help to reach all students-students who God is crazy about! I'm convinced that reading this will help move our junior high ministry closer to what God wants it to look like.
Scott Rubin, Willow Creek Community Church

Most youth workers feel like we just aren't reaching enough students for Christ; at least that's how I feel. In this book, Jonathan took me on a journey that was both convicting and encouraging at the same time! Instead of a few "happy hops to Heaven", Jonathan provides a holistic approach to reaching this generation of un-churched students.
Kurt Johnston Junior high pastor, Saddleback Church

Jonathan offers practical and timely advice learned over his years of ministering to those outside the church. This is a book that will challenge and equip you to enter into their world for the sake of the gospel.
Walt Mueller President, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

What a terrific book this is! More than a manifesto, it's a very practical guidebook on how to communicate the good news about Jesus to today's postmodern generation with love, grace, and humility.
Wayne Rice Co-founder of Youth Specialties; director, Understanding Your Teenager seminars

This book is a biblically compelling and culturally relevant strategy for reaching today's unchurched teenagers for Christ. Many youth workers are either too quiet or too loud when it comes to telling the age-old gospel message to postmoderns, but Jonathan McKee strikes a refreshing balance that is much needed in today's youth ministry culture.
Greg Stier, Dare To Share Ministries

This book is a treasure! We, the Body of Christ, specifically those of us who love Youth Ministry, need this book. Jonathan focuses on the reality of American youth culture as well as a deep, biblical compassion for the lost. He shows us that relational ministry to lost kids is compelling and doable for almost every follower of Christ. Do They Run provides pictures of Jesus, our best example of how seeking and loving the lost works! Moving us from everyday conversations with not-yet-followers of Christ to everyday Jesus-style faith sharing, the book offers practical help for any Christian who wants to touch the life of a kid outside the family of God.
Jennifer Morgan Senior director of campus ministry, Youth for Christ/USA

You are holding in your hands a very practical, down to earth book on reaching unchurched students. I especially enjoyed the variety of stories that illustrated the points that were being made. It is obvious that Jonathan has a love of God and kids. What he is writing is real. It comes from hands on experiences with youth. He knows kids, both churched and unchurched. He is no arm chair strategist, he has been there. I think this would be a very valuable addition to any youth minister's library.
Les Christie Professor of Youth Ministry, William Jessup University

If the statistic that 87% of people who become Christians make that commitment prior to age 21 is true, than Reaching Out To Unchurched Teenagers should be in every youth workers library. The good news: Jonathan doesn't just write about this ... he does it. A decade ago I watched Jonathan start a campus ministry from nothing-no money, no staff, no facility, and no kids - Next thing you know, and vanloads of unchurched kids coming to church with him every week. Jonathan knows the unchurched, and he knows how to reach 'em.
Ray Johnston Senior Pastor, Bayside Church

Youth Specialties book by Jonathan McKee dives right into the heart of how to reach out to "unchurched" teenagers ... Without scaring them off!