Getting Students to Show Up


"This book is a labor of love written by a man who is good at it, who gets it, and who is, most importantly, passionate about it." -Kurt Johnston, Saddleback Church; author, My Faith, My Family, My Friends, and My School

"This book seriously is one which I believe could help shape and inspire the future of youth ministry evangelism. Jonathan is not afraid to ask the hard uncomfortable questions and doesn't ignore the elephants we normally do about youth evangelism. But, despite the uncomfortable reality he raises, he gives such practical advice and, most of all, hope for the gospel being communicated to youth."
-Dan Kimball
Author, They Like Jesus but Not the Church and The Emerging Church

Jonathan McKee really "gets" events!! He understands what'll make them work the way you dream they might... and what can make them implode in a fiery cloud of disappointment. This book will truly help you, with wisdom from countless events Jonathan's been a key part of. But the reason I like this book best is that I know Jonathan's motivation. He wants to help you point students towards Jesus... and "Getting Them to Show Up" is invaluable for that!
Scott Rubin
Director of Elevate, Willow Creek Community Church

"Jonathan McKee is one of the most dynamic communicators on creating great outreach events in the country. This book is extremely practical and very helpful.
Jim Burns, Ph.D.
President, HomeWord
Author of Creating an Intimate Marriage

Finally! A hands-on resource that does a masterful job of laying out a Biblical philosophy of outreach and combining it with real and really practical programming ideas. If you're a youth leader that wants students to show up, then by all means you need Getting Students to Show Up.
Lane Palmer
Youth Ministry Resource Director, Dare 2 Share
Ministries Intl.

This is a terrific book! The stories are real (I have experienced many of them) and the book is very practical. I think it will be a valuable tool for all youth ministers.
Les Christie
Chair, Youth Ministry Department, William Jessup University
Author of Best-Ever Games

This book is a labor of love written by a man who is good at it, who gets it, and who is, most importantly, passionate about it.
Kurt Johnston
Director of Junior Ministries, Saddleback
Author of Controlled Chaos

There's no fluff here and no philosophical rambling, just focused and specific advice every youth worker needs. From bands who don't know when to stop singing to speakers who ruin the night-McKee has experienced it all, and doesn't shy away from the hard truths of youth outreach event planning. In his own words, just because you built it, doesn't mean they'll come-and as any seasoned youth worker knows, just because they came, doesn't mean they'll stay.

McKee shows readers how to program their outreach events, whether large scale or small, from the time the idea is first sparked at a leadership meeting until the lights go out and the last kid leaves the building--on time! Working within the demographics of their own communities, their individual budgets and resources, any youth pastor can use this guide to program an event that works-effective youth outreach events are programmed one tiny detail at a time. Getting Students to Show Up is just what today's youth workers need. No gimmicks and gags, just practical how-tos that have already been tried and found to be true.

Tamara Rice, Media Editor

"Jonathan always knows how to come with the right amount of inspiration, humor and practical information. This is a practical 'what to do' and 'why to do it' book that you will be able to use over and over as you develop your youth ministry program. I highly recommend Getting Students to Show Up."
Fred Lynch, Author, Speaker

I had a conversation with a youth pastor recently who told me that he had given up trying to reach non-churched teenagers. "Today's kids are turned off by the church," he said, "and besides, we can't compete with the entertainment industry." I mumbled something to him about keeping his chin up and/or getting some career counseling. But now I wish I could have handed him a copy of this book. I know it would have changed his mind by the time he reached chapter four. Jon McKee has given us a wonderful resource that will ultimately result in thousands more kids coming to know Christ.
Wayne Rice
Co-founder of Youth Specialties
Founder, Understanding Your Teenager seminars

"Big 'Ups' to Jonathan for his insightful and useful book! I can imagine him walking through the youth ministry resource aisle looking for what is not there and then delivering to us exactly what we need. Jonathan's ministry experience, vision and passion to reach the non-connected or lost kid truly comes out in this book. His enthusiasm and practical ideas will be useful to any youth worker, church or para-church, looking to extend the reach of their ministry."
Don Talley
Senior Director, YFC/USA National Ministries

Getting Students to Show Up will challenge you to rethink your methodology when it comes to outreach. But more than that, it'll show you, step-by-step, how to plan and execute a great outreach event for 10 or even 10,000 students. Whether you're going for a city-wide shindig or a weekly gathering for your church or a campus, you'll find plenty of tips and tools inside that will ensure your event actually reaches out to your demographic and points them toward Jesus.